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Rebeca Zavaleta

Rebeca Zavaleta has been a hard-core Angelino for 4 decades living in disparate areas that have both marked and marred her. In the streets of LA, she’s been propositioned (who hasn’t?), shot at, sung to, run over, yelled at, kissed, danced with, and one time jumped out of a runaway Chevy Nova on the 101. Recently described as: mom, partner, student, teacher, house cleaner, bleeding heart liberal, pet owner, sewer, fixer of things, creative, payer of bills, gardener, loyal, sister-daughter-granddaughter, friend, crazy-butt, editor, and writer. She’s known to rework a sentence a billion times but it never seems to listen. Cautiously courageous, she’ll try something at least once, smirk the whole while, then remember that it was the most glorious experience ever. She received a BA in English years ago, then more recently an MA in English/Creative Writing from CSUN. Her preferred genre used to be Snarky Magical Realism, at least until the President butted in. Now, it’s political non-fiction-fiction with a spin on truth.