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Louis Buchhold

Louis Buchhold, aka DoctorBuckles is in the third phase of his creative multi-career professional life. After completing his junior recital in music, he received his bachelor’s degree in visual art and drawing, later attending UCLA studying art as visual communication for advertising and graphic design. He dug his roots into the 1980's gay liberation movement, joined the burgeoning sex-work underground, and worked as art director for Liberation Publications, the publishers of The Advocate and 6-other sex-affirming titles.
A licensed MFA therapist, he joined United Airline EAP and brought EQUAL, the LGBT+ United Airlines business resource group to LAX, and is the EQUAL Market's Chair for the United LA Base. He has remains active in visual arts, participating at Tom of Finland Society, writing poetry and short stories, and is collaborating on several new media projects. You can find him on Smashwords.